Irish Times Letter to the Editor on Overseas Aid

Monday, 30 Mar 2015

 As part of the "Act Now on 2015" campaign and in the context of the European Year for Development, we are asking people across Ireland to write to their TDs, to ensure a clearer Irish position on overseas aid. 

The issue of how to finance the new "Sustainable Development Goals" is the key topic at the upcoming Financing for Development summit in Addis Ababa in July, and Dóchas' view is that Ireland needs a more credible position than the current government line which is: "We are deeply committed to the 0.7% target and will achieve it as soon as economic circumstances allow."

On March 23rd, a Letter to the Editor on this issue, written by Hans Zomer, was published in The Irish Times:



To date, the Government has said that Ireland will keep its promise on overseas aid “as soon as economic circumstances allow”. 

Surely the message from the Government is that our circumstances have now changed from austerity to recovery? And would honouring a commitment that we have made countless times and reneged upon three times not be the ultimate illustration that Ireland means business?

In a small, open economy, our recovery needs the global community to be stable, secure and rules based. And Ireland’s overseas aid provides the foundations for such a world order, by enabling an active, educated, healthy, global workforce and by laying the foundations for stable governments in our partner countries.

An investment in overseas aid now would signal that we are serious about investing in the future. – Yours, etc,




Baggot Court,

Dublin 2.

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