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Irish Times Letter to the Editor on Overseas Aid
30/03/2015 16:47:00
On Monday March 23rd, 2015 The Irish Times published a letter to the Editor written by Hans Zomer, Director of Dóchas. The letter was on the issue of Ireland's overseas aid budget and how keeping our promise will have a positive impact at a global and local level.
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Dramatic increase in number of Irish people who think we should increase overseas aid
12/01/2015 11:35:00
New opinion poll published to launch the European Year for Development
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Overseas aid is not charity, say Irish NGOs, as OECD calls for more joined-up approach to extreme po
03/12/2014 11:38:00
Irish NGOs welcome positive findings about Ireland’s aid programme
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NGO report monitoring European aid finds gaps between EU states’ promises and actions
20/11/2014 11:49:00
Government urged to produce strategy for its aid programme to meet UN target
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Government maintains overseas aid budget but fails to produce credible plan for future, say Irish NG
14/10/2014 13:49:00

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Overseas aid works and is widely supported - stop cutting the aid budget, say NGOs
16/09/2014 13:50:00

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UN Summit to highlight enormous progress on poverty and need to deliver on existing commitments
23/09/2013 12:43:00
25 September: UN Millennium Development Goals Summit to highlight enormous progress on poverty and need to deliver on existing commitments
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Ipsos MRBI Survey shows support for overseas aid remains strong
15/07/2013 12:07:00
Opinion poll reveals big majority of people wants the Government to deliver on its aid promises
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18 July: Take Action on Mandela Day
12/07/2013 11:49:00
Take Action on Nelson Mandela International Day "to help change the world for the better"
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NGOs say Ireland must strengthen its promise on aid commitments
03/04/2013 13:00:00
Irish Development NGOs today warned of how successive aid shortfalls threaten the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and called on the government to strengthen its promise to spend 0.7% of our GNI on overseas aid by 2015.
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Europe Needs a Social Dimension –Church Leaders Tell Irish EU Presidency
14/03/2013 14:00:00
European economic governance needs to be balanced by a social dimension, according to Churches in Europe.
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Column: Eyes on Ireland to defend the EU aid budget
04/02/2013 11:41:00
Bill Gates was right to highlight global poverty with Enda Kenny during his recent visit to Dublin – because Ireland is the country charged with brokering an agreement on overseas aid, writes Hans Zomer.
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Ireland urged to defend EU development aid
29/01/2013 11:42:00
People in poorer countries will suffer if proposed cuts to the EU budget go ahead at talks next week, campaigners have warned. They called on the Irish presidency of the EU to defend aid money, saying proposed cuts to farming were marginal in comparison.
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Irish NGOs express disappointment at aid cuts, but welcome measure on charitable tax relief
05/12/2012 13:09:00
Irish development NGOs today expressed disappointment that the Government, announcing Budget 2013, has cut the overseas aid budget by €16 million.
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Government should keep promise on overseas aid, says survey
11/09/2012 11:43:00
THE IRISH public holds often contradictory views towards funding for overseas aid, a new survey commissioned by Dóchas has found.
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'Small good things' in Overseas Aid
21/08/2012 13:10:00
Irish Times Letter: 'A healthy dose of small good things' Harry McGee’s article comes as a very welcome reminder that Ireland’s overseas aid makes a real difference to hundreds of thousands of people.
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A healthy dose of small good things
18/08/2012 13:09:00
'A healthy dose of small good things', Harry McGee, Irish Times
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Most Irish believe overseas aid remains vital
03/05/2012 11:45:00
A majority of Irish people believe overseas aid remains important despite the State’s economic crisis, a new survey commissioned by Dóchas suggests.
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Ireland must strengthen aid commitment, say NGOs
04/04/2012 13:33:00
The latest statistics from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), published today, show that Ireland reduced its spending on official development assistance (ODA) by 3.1% in 2011.
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International aid is a means of investing in our future
27/03/2012 11:27:00
Our international aid programme is the most tangible expression of our awareness of the need to invest in the future, writes Hans Zomer.
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Irish support for overseas aid falters
23/12/2011 12:15:00
Fewer than half of Irish people believe the Government should increase overseas aid to developing countries, a new survey suggests.
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Irish delegation begins five-day trip to Ethiopia to gauge effectiveness of aid
15/11/2011 12:17:00
A cross-party delegation from the Oireachtas committee on foreign affairs and trade yesterday began a five-day visit to Ethiopia, during which it will examine Irish Government-funded projects and raise concerns over the country’s human rights record with Ethiopian officials.
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Shift in focus for Irish Aid strategy
02/11/2011 12:18:00
The development of new economic and political ties with Africa is to form part of the Government’s new overseas aid strategy.
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Opinion poll reveals the public wants the Government to deliver on its aid promises
10/09/2011 11:18:00
MRBI Survey shows strong support for overseas aid
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Foreign aid is a necessity, not a luxury
04/07/2011 11:17:00
Recent debates in Ireland about the value or affordability of aid in Ireland‘s current economic climate have exposed the assumption that Overseas Development Assistance is regarded by some as a luxury.
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Dóchas expresses condolences on death of Dr Garret FitzGerald
19/05/2011 12:30:00
Dr. Garret FitzGerald - An advocate for a strong role in international cooperation
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Minister of State Jan O’Sullivan Affirms Ireland's Commitment to Fight Global Poverty
25/03/2011 16:28:00
Minister of State Jan O’Sullivan Affirms Ireland's Commitment to Fight Global Poverty
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Fine Gael / Labour programme for Government includes ODA promise
06/03/2011 12:14:00
Fine Gael / Labour programme for Government contains a promise to honour Ireland's commitment to 0.7% ODA/GNI by 2015
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General Elections - Political Parties and International Development Cooperation
16/02/2011 10:27:00
Political parties and international development cooperation
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Ireland in the World
25/01/2011 15:53:00
Dóchas Submission to Party Manifestos – Election 2011
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Rugby stars support Act Now campaign
18/11/2010 15:59:00
Malcolm O'Kelly and Ciaran Fitzgerald say "ACT NOW ON 2015"
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Letter To Minister Martin Foreign Affairs - IMU Justice/AEFJN Ireland
27/10/2010 23:08:00
Irish Missionaries' letter to Minister for Foreign Affairs Micheál Martin
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Let’s put an end to lip service and feed the world [Irish Examiner]
18/10/2010 13:59:00
Plan Ireland CEO, David Dalton, writes about why we want supporters to write to their TDs
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Social Justice Ireland’s alternative Budget proposes an increase in overseas aid
04/10/2010 09:29:00
Campaigners welcome support for overseas aid in Social Justice Ireland's alternative Budget.
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Dublin City Council supports Act Now campaign
29/09/2010 16:35:00
Act Now on 2015 campaign spreads its core messages on a 20 metre high banner in Dublin
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Greens support development aid roadmap
28/09/2010 12:54:00
Greens back call for annual targets to reach Millennium Development Goal targets in 2015.
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Charity begins at home, but Irish people don’t want it to end there
27/09/2010 13:24:00
Dóchas article on Ipsos MRBI poll is published in current editions of Dublin Informer
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TDs and Senators Support Overseas Aid
17/09/2010 16:11:00
TDs & Senators call on the Government to ensure that Ireland plays a leadership role at the MDG summit in New York.
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17/09/2010 16:00:00
Dublin Statues cry out for Action on overseas aid
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Will the Government reflect widespread public support for overseas aid?
13/09/2010 15:49:00
One week ahead of a crucial UN Summit, a new EU survey shows 9 out of 10 Europeans strongly support development aid.
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Recent survey shows strong support for overseas aid
06/09/2010 10:41:00
Opinion poll reveals the public wants the Government to deliver on its aid promises.
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Can we afford overseas aid in times of crisis?
25/08/2010 20:32:00
Can we afford overseas aid in times of crisis? Of course we can!
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Good Intentions Are Not Enough, say 67 anti-poverty organisations
20/08/2010 16:23:00
NGOs urge the Government to publish a plan to deliver on Ireland’s aid commitments, one month ahead of crucial UN Summit.
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The Millennium Development Goals work!
16/08/2010 15:36:00
Progress is being made on each of the 8 MDGs that will make extreme poverty history by 2015.
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Musicians Say: “Act Now” on overseas aid
09/08/2010 10:04:00
Musicians call on the Government to "Act Now on 2015" at the Festival of World Cultures
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Walk in Solidarity with the ACT NOW ON 2015 campaign
06/08/2010 14:51:00
Come join VMM in a solidarity walk with the Act Now on 2015 campaign to the Hellfire Club, Montpelier Hill, Dublin on 28 August!
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Footballers Say: “Act Now” on overseas aid
05/08/2010 10:23:00
At the recent World Refugee Day “Fair Play Football Cup”, a host of football stars called on the Government to Act Now on overseas aid
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Time to Act Now to save Ireland's overseas programme
23/07/2010 14:48:00
If we “Act Now”, we can save Ireland’s overseas development programme, and our reputation as a country that keeps its promises.
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Rich nations threaten to pull the plug on Africa just when aid is making a real difference
12/07/2010 11:42:00
JUST as world leaders at the recent meetings of the G20 and G8 showed that they would rather forget their promises of more and better aid, the world’s poorest countries are showing real leadership in the global effort to make poverty history.
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NGOs Write to Oireachtas Members to ACT NOW on Global Poverty
28/06/2010 22:24:00
Dóchas, the umbrella organisations of 45 overseas aid organisations, has written to all members of the Oireachtas, to urge them to ACT NOW on overseas aid.
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“Poverty Hearings” at United Nations
17/06/2010 16:40:00
On 14 June, hundreds of anti-poverty campaigners from various parts of the world marched to the UN buildings in New York to demand urgent and concrete actions to reach the MDGs.
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[Irish Examiner] - Calls for state to act on aid promise
11/06/2010 12:41:00
FORMER Taoiseach Garret FitzGerald is heading a campaign to push the Government to honour its commitments on overseas aid despite the recession.
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Irish NGOs welcome EU Commissioner’s urgent call on EU Members to deliver on their aid promises
11/06/2010 12:40:00
European NGOs published the annual AidWatch Report on 10 June. The report, entitled “More and Better EU aid can score Millennium Development Goals”, features an EU-wide assessment of progress on aid quantity and quality, and a country-by-country report on how each EU Member State is progressing towards their 2010 individual intermediate targets.
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Campaign launched today to highlight the need for Ireland to deliver on its overseas aid promise
10/06/2010 12:42:00
Former Taoiseach Dr. Garret FitzGerald launched the campaign to call on Government to deliver on its overseas aid promise
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Why 2010 is a crucial year for the world
11/05/2010 10:10:00
The world was on track to achieve at least the first MDG of halving the number of extreme poor; and was coming close in several others. Now, that hard fought progress is at risk.
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